Everything You Need To Know Instagram Ads

When discussing Instagram collection advertisements, it is important to keep in mind that the photo-sharing app regularly attracts a user base of close to a billion individuals.

Advertising on Instagram is kind of a no-brainer when you consider that over 90% of users follow at least one sponsored account.

It’s not aimed only at children, either.

While the youngest demographic, those between the ages of 25 and 34, make up almost a third of the total user base, people of all ages are enjoying the site. Don’t just throw them away so quickly!

What exactly are these Instagram Ads?

An Instagram ad is a sponsored photo or video post promoted to users for a fee.

These advertisements can be shown in a variety of places and formats inside the app, including the user’s Story, feed, IGTV, and Explore.

Instagram advertisements will seem like ordinary material to users but will be labelled as sponsored. The goal, as with around 90% of all advertisements, is to increase visits to a specified web page. Therefore, ads can have call-to-action buttons and external connections.

Should I Use Instagram to Promote My Company?

As I mentioned at the outset of this tutorial, there is a widespread belief that only members of Generation Z and the Millennial generation utilise Instagram.

But alas, that is not the situation.

There are many members of Generation X and the Baby Boomer generation on the site.
Instagram users tend to be young (60% fall between the 18-34 age range), as this chart shows.

However, that still implies that over a third of users are above the age of 35. My argument is that thirty percent of a billion is still a sizable population.

So, while thinking about your digital advertising possibilities, don’t instantly rule out the platform.

It’s possible that, just as with Facebook, an increasing number of mature users may begin to join up.

Just how expensive are Instagram ads?

How many feet is a rope?

Instagram advertisements are sold through an auction system, thus their price is heavily influenced by market forces like supply and demand.

The campaign budget is, of course, entirely up to you. For instance, you can pay as little as $100 per week or as much as $10,000 annually. The expenses of outcomes (CPL, CPC, CPE, etc.) are something you have no say over.

The platform’s algorithm is primarily responsible for that.

Instagram’s (or rather, Facebook’s) principal objective is to maintain as much user engagement as possible. The longer users spend on the site, the more adverts they will see and the more money Facebook will make.

So, if your ad isn’t doing well and driving people away from the service, you’ll have to spend more to keep showing it.

5 Instagram Ad Varieties

Instagram offers 7 distinct advertising options, including:

Photo Ads on Instagram

The picture ad is a nice starting point. It’s the quickest to put together because you only need one picture, which may be either square or landscape.

High-quality, attention-grabbing photographs are ideal for use in photo adverts. They need to jump out to readers as they peruse the feed.

Promoted Posts on InstagramInstagram gives you a total of six options for call-to-action links in your photo ads, including the ones we listed above.

  • Find Out More
  • Purchase Now
  • Check This Out (Video)
  • Get in Touch
  • Reserve Now
  • Join Now

I’ll go into more depth about the many objectives available in Facebook Ads Manager when making a photo ad, but for now just know that they include things like “brand awareness,” “app installs,” and “views.”

Promo Videos for Instagram

Adding video to your advertisements is one way to give them more life and engagement.

Videos (up to 120 seconds in length) can be promoted on Instagram and shown in users’ feeds.

They will take more time to put together in production, but the return on investment justifies the extra effort. Think about the fact that Instagram videos get 3 times more likes than photographs.

Promotional Instagram Stories

Stories advertising are another dynamic medium for which you might select and promoted Posts on Instagram.
The Stories stream is where they are shown, as the name indicates. For optimal effects, brands might combine still images with moving images.

They are now my preferred choice because of how well they fit into a user’s feed. Users are sometimes caught off guard by these advertisements, which appear within their feeds of “real” material.

Carousel Ads on Instagram

Do you need a way to show off your wares, demonstrate a five-step procedure, or tell a story?

If so, carousel may be a good choice for you.

Ads can contain up to ten pictures or videos, each with its own link, using this structure.

You have complete control over the presentation sequence of your carousel advertising. If the order isn’t particularly important, you may also choose to display the most popular articles first.

If the image or video doesn’t interest the audience, they won’t continue to look at the advertisement.

Shop Instagram’s Curated Ads

You should launch a collection Instagram campaign if you want to showcase many products in a single advertisement.

With this setup, Instagram users can find, explore, and buy your wares without ever leaving the app.

As readers scroll down their stream, they will see an advertisement that features four goods behind a large banner picture. Users are taken to a fully editable landing page in full screen mode as soon as they click on the app.