TikTok Influencers: Best Search Terms To Pick Right Influencers For Your Brand

TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, with roughly a billion monthly users. TikTok is the social networking tool of choice for businesses that can take this targeted generation, with 28 percent of Gen-Z.

However, it would be best first to study TikTok’s developments to catch Gen-attention effectively. Z’s To develop accurate content in favor of your business or brand and give the social confidence you require, you must collaborate with the proper individual. To put it another way, you’ll need an influencer.

Finding the right TikTok influencer entails more than simply looking for someone with a large following. Along with picking the right influencers for your brand to promote sponsored posts, you can buy hearts on TikTok for your brand content uploaded by your influencers. It helps your brand to gain massive new audiences and followers than you expect. 

Look for influencers on TikTok by topic.

TikTok, like other social media platforms, organizes its content using hashtags. Because most TikTok content includes hashtags, it’s an excellent method to locate users talking about themes relevant to your business.

To find hashtags, go to the Discover tab (as illustrated below.)

Find influencers that are talking about issues that are important to your brand by using relevant search terms. If you’re a clothing company, you may try searching for “fashion” rather than “apparel.” If you’re looking for beauty-related posts, use the hashtags #beauty or #BeautyTips.

Find TikTok influencers by location

Despite being a universal social media network, TikTok’s algorithm restricts the content you view based on your location and preferred language. If your service or product is only available in a few regions, you’ll want to make sure any influencers you engage with can target these specific consumers. If your business is hyperlocal, like a restaurant, you’ll also want to choose an influencer based on their area.

Find influencers who are talking about the area you’re interested in using location-specific hashtags. You can, for example, check for videos with the hashtags #usa or #australia.

Examine whether an influencer on TikTok is a good fit for your company.

Just because a TikTok user has a large number of followers and writes about your business doesn’t indicate they’re the appropriate influencer for your company. Take a moment to figure out whether they’re the proper fit for you and whether they could help you attain your TikTok objectives before approaching them about collaborating.

     Examine their target market.

Confirm that the TikTok influencer has exposure to your target demographic. Ask yourself a few questions before examining:

  • Does the influencer’s audience have the correct demographic?
  • Will they follow your brand profile? Are they following your competitors?
  • Does the influencer’s audience engage with the content type you are willing to make?

     Look into what they have to offer.

Examine the videos that the influencer distributes.

Do they have any videos that have gone viral? When an influencer develops viral content, it demonstrates their ability and understanding of their target audience—working with an influencer who has a collection of viral content, on the other hand, maybe more expensive.

What is it about their content that appeals to you? What do their viewers take away from their videos? Are they having fun? What do they take away from you? Are they looking for ideas or product suggestions? What is the relationship between this and your brand?

Does their content demonstrate that they are familiar with your target audience? You want to make sure that the influencer you choose understands how to connect with your target demographic.

You can also consider an influencer’s posting patterns. Is it true that they post every day? Weekly? How long does it take for fresh content to appear?

Calculate their rate of engagement.

Before working with a TikTok influencer, it’s essential to understand their engagement rate, which is a statistic that indicates how many people have interacted with their content. The influencer’s fans are more likely to connect with the sponsored posts the user uploads about your brand if the engagement rate is high.

Sum a TikTok user’s likes + shares + comments for any video content and divide by the total number of views received to get their engagement rate.

Remember that just because a TikTok influencer has a large number of followers doesn’t indicate they’ll have a great engagement rate.

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