Beginner’s Guide On TikTok For Business Marketing

TikTok is a social media platform network where the users share short-form videos. Generally, TikTok is established for music tunes and videos. Initially, it started in China where TikTok combined with the lip-syncing app like in 2019; thus, the app reached a sky-high state with its power.

Advantages Of TikTok:

As the platform is brand new, TikTok gives early users a higher chance to set their brand presence, particularly establishing younger audiences and making other income. B2C brands are already testing the scope of influencers marketing ad campaigns, sponsored promotions, and shopping video clips. 

What makes TikTok notably different from other social networks? It is a widely enabled and trusted base. On average, TikTok users start the app eight times per day and search for roughly five minutes every time. Much longer durations of video clips than Snapchat or Instagram. 

There are some goal factors that you are required to understand before you kick start with TikTok, the different video types of possible TikTok options, and how to utilize them. 

Tricks For Making TikTok Videos:

Are you working effectively to advertise your TikTok videos? Then you need to follow up on several video-making strategies to outrank your content. Also, start your business promotion with the buy TikTok views feature for your TikTok videos that get featured on the feed rapidly. 

  1. Video Size:

The TikTok’s aspect ratio is 9:16, which is pretty much more than the vertical regular for smartphones. You are only required to think about this if you are filming from a camera and posting to TikTok. 

  1. Video Length:

Meanwhile, TikTok video clips are 15 seconds longer, where users can combine more videos with several patterns into a 60-seconds longer duration. 

  1. Video Orientation:

As a mobile application, TikTok was made for vertical form video. It’s how most people already used their phones and provided the short length of TikTok videos. 

  1. Video Sound:

On the contrary, if you post a silent video on the platform and its feeds might look irrelevant. Yet, the sound effects provide a perfect experience along with TikTok’s lip-syncing features. Music is the basis of several video trends on the platform. 

  1. Effective Video Ideas:
  • Musical Video Clip: TikTok is a lip-sync or dance performing app for a short clip from a song or using a viral soundtrack. 
  • Micro-sketch: Short-form comic interactions often established on music. Perfect for artistic content that reveals your brand’s fun side. 
  • Video Meme: Short-streaming video trends that loop around fastly on the platform, only to disappear after some week. Monetize these to receive highlights on the trending now pages and be identified by a new set of audiences or new visitors.

Few Ideas About TikTok Ads:

TikTok’s predominantly engaging millennial and Gen-Z audiences makes the application an ideal platform for marketers focusing on younger customer groups. And the TikTok app introduces more than 150 markets globally, comprising more than 75 languages, advertisers can reach their aiming audiences. 

Yet, advertising efficiently on TikTok lifts some careful planning. The massive mistake that marketers found on TikTok is remodeling ad creativity from other competitive social media networks, like Instagram, without planning about how it works precisely. 

The significant rule to promote success on TikTok is reciprocating the platform’s reality using the different ad format types.

Top View:

TikTok’s bonus ad provides a sponsored video to display right at the top of users’ feeds, just like native video right when they start the application. 

Brand Takeover:

Brand Takeover is one of TikTok’s take on pre-roll advertising options that play for at least three to five seconds when a user starts TikTok, previously displaying their feed. 

Brand takeover can also be paired with other interactive ad campaigns. For example, when Elf Cosmetics started their #eyeslipsface hashtag challenges, they are utilized for 24 hours brand takeover to push participation.

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