4 Strategies To Hack TikTok Algorithm

TikTok has received a lot of praise for being the software responsible for propelling content creators to overnight fame. Despite its youth, it has rapidly risen in popularity, becoming the seventh most used social media platform.

TikTok is a highly important medium for content providers and marketers because it has a user pool of one billion active users.

The majority of its users are drawn to the service because of the abundance of humorous and engaging content they may consume in a short amount of time. But it doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your goods or service with ease using the app.

In fact, just look at the competition. Many well-known brands, from ZARA to Chipotle to the music industry, have joined the TikTok craze.

The TikTok Algorithm: What Is It?

The content of users’ For You pages is determined by the TikTok algorithm, which functions as a “recommendation system” (FYP).

Users will see different content in their “For You” feeds because it is tailored to their individual preferences. In fact, the FYP considers both the things that fascinate you and the things that bore you.

So that your For You feed always reflects how you’re feeling, the algorithm is constantly learning your habits and interests.

What is the secret behind the TikTok formula?

Initially, TikTok’s popularity stemmed from the fact that it gave users a chance to become internet sensations by uploading their own personal videos.

What do you find most intriguing? In the past, having thousands of followers wasn’t necessary to make your content go viral on this site. It also didn’t imply that you had to put in hours upon hours of work to ensure your account was active enough to show up in the For You feeds of other users.

User-Computer Interactions

TikTok’s algorithm places a premium on your engagement with content creators and videos. To break it down, TikTok keeps track of who you’re following, who you’ve hidden, and who you connect with through likes and comments.

When it comes to videos, it tracks the ones you enjoy, share, comment on, save, and watch all the way through. The system also monitors the clips you’ve flagged as boring or unsuitable.

The Value of Video-Based Data

TikTok’s algorithm also takes into account the types of videos you like to watch and the songs you want to listen to. It keeps tabs on the channels you’re watching and the topics you’re researching. The data you enter into the Explore section of TikTok, such as hashtags, captions, and sounds, is saved and made available to you and other users.

Account and device configurations

Finally, the language and region you select when you create your TikTok account are also signals to the algorithm. Although this third aspect is taken into account by the TikTok algorithm when determining your FYP, its weight is lower than the previous two because you only need to select your account preferences once when you sign up.

Exactly how does TikTok’s “For You” Feed function?

As we’ve established, many people join TikTok hoping to become famous immediately. But you can only achieve such results if your films show up in the For You feeds of many different individuals. That kind of attention is sure to increase your content’s visibility and propel the linked video farther into FYPs.

Unrecommended content according to the algorithm

Now that we know how TikTok views are calculated, we can discuss the content types the algorithm prefers to avoid.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Existing video viewing history
Once a video has been viewed, it will no longer appear in your For You feed on TikTok. By doing so, you may rest assured that your feed will consistently contain new content.

Inappropriate material
TikTok actively removes unwanted videos and comments.

Disturbing material
Finally, the site does not promote disturbing materials like violent videos.

A Guide to Cracking the TikTok Algorithm in 2022

You should now know what influences TikTok’s algorithm and what doesn’t.

Make use of popular hash tags

Using trending hashtags is the best way to be discoverable on social media platforms like TikTok. You should look for trending hashtags to find out what people are talking about.

Where do people typically look for popular hashtags? There shouldn’t be much trouble there. The Explore section is where you should look for trending hashtags. The hashtag’s current trendiness is represented by the fire icon.

Create clips with popular songs

Popular songs first heard on TikTok are eventually heard by individuals who don’t use the app. This fact alone demonstrates how much of a priority audio trends are to TikTok.

Don’t feel obligated to groove to the latest club tune if that style just isn’t your thing or doesn’t fit your niche. There are plenty of imaginative ways to make videos to popular tunes.

You can see what songs are trending on TikTok right now by using the app’s video editor. Choose “Sounds” to hear the most popular audio clips right now.

Create captivating captions

TikTok captions should be succinct and to the point.

TikTok, in contrast to other social networking apps, limits captions to 300 characters. In addition to your caption, you must include your hashtags within the allotted character count of 300.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to keep your captions intriguing. A captivating caption will entice people to watch your videos.

Publish at optimal times

When your followers are online is when you should share content on TikTok. To be expected, this varies from creator to creative based on variables like geography and the times of day your target audience is most likely to be on TikTok.

TikTok statistics can help you determine the optimal posting times for your videos. There, you can see when your audience is most active by looking at their Follower Activity. To keep track of this, write down the date every day.