The Future Of B2B Social Media Marketing In 2023

In 2022, when sales needed to be bolstered despite tighter margins and lower spending, B2B enterprises turned to their most valuable asset: their brand.

Seeing as how traditional methods of lead generation were not yielding MQLs, B2B marketers turned their attention to their brands in order to achieve the required expansion. If 2022 was the brand’s year, then social media marketing was the most effective way to promote them.

Could LinkedIn Be the Last Word in Business-to-Business Communication?

Perhaps LinkedIn and Twitter were better for business-to-business communication in general. That’s not entirely false, but there’s more depth to it than that.

While LinkedIn saw more activity than Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, which social network is most important to your business depends depend on your target demographic and how successfully you engage with them there.

We must also take YouTube into account. Despite a decrease in activity, video marketing continues to be a priority for many business-to-business companies. Contrarily, many B2B companies put considerable emphasis on video as part of their social strategy, albeit they often employed the shorter, vertical-style movies popularised by platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

The Difficulties of Measuring B2B Social Media

Consider the frequency of updates on several of these channels.

LinkedIn only displays your postings less often if you write more than once every day (24 hours).

LinkedIn users may expect a maximum of one post each day, whereas Twitter users can expect many updates per day.

How Often You Should Update Your Oktopost Account, According to the Experts

Because of the nature of the conversations that take place on LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, Twitter, these two platforms will continue to be vital to the B2B world. We’ve found that people with similar interests are more likely to open up and have an honest conversation in these two networks about issues that are affecting their professional lives.

Social selling may aid B2B marketers and salespeople in developing meaningful connections with prospects and customers because to the channels’ emphasis on in-depth conversation.

Is Post-Based Social Interaction More Popular Than Video in 2022?

We had a good idea of which social media platforms B2B companies favoured, but which postings were actually effective? In 2022, we decided to analyse which social media postings were the most popular.

Recent Trends in Online Galleries

Surprisingly, gallery posts (thus carousel-style posts) outperformed every other sort of post, including video marketing, which we had assumed would have the highest level of interaction of any social network.

For what reason do hypertext reference and animated gifs not work as well as they should?

Perhaps not many people were using GIFs, thus they didn’t do very well. GIFs were the least common form of online expression. It’s interesting to note that B2B companies published 44 times more links than GIFs on social media, yet that the two types of postings generated roughly identical levels of average engagement.

Strategies for the Role of Video in the Year 2022

Video had the second-highest level of engagement for B2B firms, behind only gallery posts, in the first half of 2022. Throughout the first six months of the year, video received 1.5 times as much interaction as the typical social media post.

Article Type: An Oktopost Pro’s Advice

If you haven’t tried out gallery postings in the form of a carousel by 2023, you’re missing out. You’d be missing out on a huge opportunity for social interaction by ignoring them.

GIFs are a great way to dip your toes into the water of video social postings, but you should probably dive in headfirst. There is a huge chasm in interaction between GIF and video postings, and it’s just going to increase in the coming year.

Determine which social media platforms will have the most effect on your business’ bottom line by analysing the effectiveness of various conversion strategies.

We base Oktopost’s conversion tracking on the priorities of our customers. Because of this, we classify a customer’s action as a conversion if they reach a “Thank you” page or submit a form.

As B2B has such pronounced preferences for post type and network, we set out to determine which networks were most successful in generating clickthroughs. As a result, we analysed all of the content shared across social networks and split it by the total number of conversions we found.

The things we unearthed were fascinating.

It may not come as a surprise that LinkedIn gained the most conversions of any social channel, given that B2B marketers posted on LinkedIn 2.5 times more often than any other social channel.

Here’s a social media conversion pro tip from Oktopost:

LinkedIn remains preeminent as a B2B marketing tool. You shouldn’t write off Twitter just yet, despite its current instability. If you want to ensure the longevity of your social media strategy, you should distribute your content over as many relevant platforms as possible. You shouldn’t waste time and resources appearing on platforms where your intended audience isn’t active. Although committing to two or three channels might increase return on investment, it is best to focus on just one or two.

What to Focus on for Social Media Marketing in 2023

By the end of 2022, social media will be in a really intriguing situation. But, B2B marketers will find the most success by spreading their social content across many channels.

Successful B2B social marketers use many networks, each with its own unique approach, and produce material that has been tailored to that specific platform. This is the most reliable method for optimising your social media plan for 2023.

While data is useful, it is more important than ever to focus on tactics that advance your company’s goals. While research can provide insight into how competitors are utilising social media to bolster their B2B marketing efforts, you should ultimately base your approach on what works best for you and your target audience.