Here Are The Top Seven Social Media Analytics Tools Each Company May Use.

You may learn a lot about your market and your competition by perusing social media. The findings are brought to light by these social listening techniques.

Brands and products have long been a topic of conversation. They’ve shared their thoughts about the company at lunch, around the water cooler and on the phone. Thanks to the proliferation of social media platforms, businesses can now quantify and amplify the impact of this previously intangible kind of word-of-mouth. Companies may gain access to this information through social media listening, the practise of utilising a programme to track mentions of a brand (or other topic) on social media.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best social media monitoring tools so you can keep tabs on your customers, competitors, and the market as it happens.


When it comes to tools for tracking and analysing social media, Awario is a newbie. Its goal is to make social media analytics accessible to all businesses, from solopreneurs to multinational conglomerates to internet shops of all stripes. Awario’s Enterprise features (including Boolean search, Sentiment Analysis, and Share of Voice) are standard across all of its $29/monthly subscription tiers.

The Brand Weekly

Brandwatch provides three distinct resources to public relations and advertising agencies. Its Audiences tool helps you locate communities based on your targeted guidelines, including certain demographics and hobbies. You may learn more about your clientele by studying their social media activity and identifying the characteristics that distinguish them apart from the general population.

You may create your own dashboards using data from Brandwatch and the visualisation tool Vizia. You may get a full picture of your marketing results by combining Vizia with other tools like BuzzSumo and Google Analytics.


If you’re not searching for a comprehensive social media monitoring platform but want posting, collaboration, and monitoring functions, Hootsuite is a great option.

While the app itself doesn’t track anything outside of social media, it does integrate with a number of other helpful reputation management apps like Brandwatch and Reputology. There are both free and paid add-ons available.


Meltwater is a media intelligence platform for businesses. While Meltwater isn’t only a social listening solution, it does provide powerful tools for keeping tabs on where your keywords are being spoken online.

Meltwater’s analytics are its strong suit; the software allows you to build dashboards with the specific indicators you care about, such as the size of your audience or the number of people who have seen your brand mentioned on social media.


When it comes to monitoring social media, Talkwalker is the best tool for large companies and advertising firms. Talkwalker not only tracks the most recent mentions of your company and rivals, but also provides robust analytics for monitoring the buzz surrounding your keywords to help you identify emerging patterns. Audience demographics, occupation, and hobbies are analysed, taking your reporting to the next level. In addition, it generates impressive word clouds that reveal the most frequently used hashtags in tandem with your phrase.


Your brand is now fair game when consumers take to social media to discuss everything and everything. As more businesses realise the value of social media monitoring for gathering intelligence, the sophistication and accessibility of monitoring solutions has increased. Keep in mind that the insights the tools give aren’t everything, and that what will really set your brand apart are the decisions and actions you make in light of those insights.