The Best 10 Instagram Resources For Your New Tech Company

Investment in internet companies across Southeast Asia has nearly doubled due to the extraordinary rise of e-commerce and finance services, while conventional businesses have been devastated by the epidemic.

Because of shifts in consumer preferences, it would appear that digital companies are in the midst of a golden age. Some major obstacles still need to be overcome.

Instruments for making eye-catching visuals:


The results you get from using Instasize, an innovative tool, are impressive. Images may be resized to fit any platform, and then edited using filters, adjustments to colour and brightness, and more. In addition to resizing your photographs and videos, Instasize gives you the tools to make them stand out by creating collages, adding stylish borders, overlaying vintage effects, and inserting styled text.

With Instasize, you may quickly and easily access the free picture resource Unsplash to use in your profile. You may utilise high-quality images for your business straight from the app.


You might not believe it’s crucial for your business to bring on a graphic designer right now. Perhaps you need to divert your resources elsewhere. This is where access to online design tools is invaluable. Canva allows you to quickly and easily make eye-catching designs by customising one of their many premade layouts for logos, menus, posters, cover shots, web banners, invitations, advertisements, and more. You can use Canva to create professional-looking designs even if you have no experience in graphic design.

Helpful resources for making stunning videos:


Video is the most popular kind of material online right now, but not everyone has experience with video editing software. Purchasing high-quality video equipment is also quite expensive. Here is a significant need that Animoto helps to address. It’s a free, web-based tool for making professional-looking films in minutes. To get started, all you have to do is pick a free movie template from their extensive library and customise it with your own footage and subtitles using the user-friendly drag-and-drop storyboard editor. You may also choose the transitions between scenes and the style of royalty-free music to use in the background.


After you’ve mastered the process of creating films, you should consider how to make a living off of them. Uscreen is a game-changer since it offers comprehensive options for VOD service provision, allowing for maximum video optimisation. Everything you need to host videos, broadcast them live, bill viewers, monetize your content, analyse viewer data, and provide superior customer service is in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Methods to increase customer participation with your company:


Having contests, rewards programmes, and similar promotions is a definite approach to increase your following. Using a platform like Vyper eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual promotion setup. Businesses that have utilised Vyper to host competitions have seen “explosive growth” in their social media followings, interactions, and overall profile activity. Waiakea, a variant of Hawaiian Volcanic Water, expanded their customer base thanks to a giveaway partnership with the platform Vyper.


ReferralCandy is another option for generating the interest, leads, and sales you need to expand your business. Customers who recommend your business to their friends or family can earn incentives through this platform’s “referral nudges.” You may provide prizes like cash payments, gift cards, or retail discounts. The referral programme generates between 20 and 35 percent of monthly revenue for Riff Raff & Co, a baby sleep toy manufacturer.

The greatest thing is that the referral programme will practically run itself, allowing you to enjoy a sales boost without incurring any further costs for staff. It’s simple to incorporate with any e-commerce platform, and you get real-time monitoring and access to granular analytical data. You may test out ReferralCandy for free for 30 days and then, if you think your tech firm could profit from this kind of comprehensive marketing platform, you can subscribe to Premium for $49 per month.

Automation and scheduling tools for your online content:


Tailwind is the best Instagram and Pinterest scheduling and analytics app out there. This feature ensures that your material is always published at the optimal moment. In order to maximise the exposure of each post, it recommends relevant hashtags with a single click. No message is ever wasted here.


Tech firms might also benefit from using Planable, another promising application. This organisation learned from the problems faced by social media administrators throughout the world and developed a system that facilitates communication and teamwork. The use of spreadsheets that cause vertigo has been abolished. You can avoid forgetting crucial elements or accidentally posting at the wrong times by presenting your content strategy in a clear, orderly, and color-coded calendar. is a website that facilitates the mass submission of social networking posts using a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet, as the name suggests. While Buffer is great for scheduling out a week’s worth of social media content, other businesses have more extensive social media demands than that.

In conclusion:

Increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty may be a challenge for any digital firm, but with the right combination of these applications and tools, you can conquer these challenges with ease.

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