Here Are 5 Ways You Can Use Instagram Stories To Increase Revenue

Using Instagram’s Stories function is a fantastic strategy to increase revenue. In this piece, we’ll go through five strategies for getting the most out of it. Everyone on Instagram absolutely like the Stories feature. Since its introduction, the feature’s popularity has steadily increased, to the point that we now all check our stories before checking our feeds.
The feature’s poor early adoption may have been due to its similarity to Snapchat stories. However, Instagram Stories now has more than 500 million daily users, so it’s a tool you may utilise to attract the attention of your followers.

Sticker links, which were made available to all Instagram users in an October 2021 update, opened up new possibilities for content producers.

If you’re a creator who hasn’t heard about this change yet, isn’t taking use of its benefits, or is having trouble maximising them, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Following are five intriguing methods to use Instagram Stories to increase revenue from your Instagram creator profiles.

1. Followers can be redirected with the use of Instagram stickers

Before the October 2021 update, only authors with 10,000 or more followers were able to post external URLs to their Instagram Stories. Because most creators these days are active on numerous networks, popular Instagrammers may not be able to promote the work of creators who have found more success on other social media sites.
It’s important to remember that unlike other social media sites, Instagram doesn’t let content producers put links in their tags or descriptions. Creators may only drive traffic to their website or social media accounts by including links to them in their bios.

2. Generate Excitement by Showing Making-Of Footage

The Instagram Stories feature is fantastic, and it can be exploited in ingenious ways to attract an enormous audience. We’re all naturally inquisitive, so it seems to reason that increasing the suspense in an Instagram Story will make viewers eager for more.

Choose a tale that gives readers a glimpse of the updated product or the branded partnership if you have anything exciting to announce. If you really want to build anticipation, you may do many sneak peeks on different days.

    Many readers, you might be shocked to learn, return frequently to see whether new information has been added.

    Maintaining this level of anticipation will pay off in views, interaction, and comments once the complete version is released on Instagram.

    3. Make Instagram Stories out of your posts.

    If you want your social media followings to expand, you need to make your material more easily discoverable. That’s why it’s crucial to spread your material around via as many channels as you can.
    You may increase the number of people who watch a video or reel you submitted to IGTV the day before by reposting it to your story. Inspire people to click on your video who may have missed it in their news stream.

    You may also request that your followers feature your material in their own stories. The likelihood of people coming across your video will rise if you do this.

    Filters, stickers, and music can boost your chances. Instagram stickers that provide a teaser by obscuring the majority of the video are an excellent tactic. You may also share previously uploaded content with new followers by sharing it as an Instagram Story.

    4. Posting interactive stories is a great way to boost participation.

    Instagram producers aren’t limited in their ability to post engaging, interactive stories. To get others interested, you may use the slider bar or ask questions.
    If you upload a film, product, or image and ask users to rate it on a sliding scale, you may get an idea of how they generally feel about it based on the average rating. To find out what your audience prefers, conduct a poll asking them to choose between two different video kinds or items.

    Find out what they need from you by using the option to ask questions. Hold Q&A sessions where fans may submit questions and you can respond through video or Instagram live.

    An evergreen method to increase sales is to use interactive Instagram Stories, as you already know what works and what doesn’t. People who haven’t kept up with the material might be drawn back in through interactive tales.

    Use hashtags and geotags to boost development.

    Using hashtags and geotags is another tried and true method that will do wonders for increasing your discoverability and following. Hashtag stories on Instagram may be followed by users.
    Always using geotags and hashtags in your Instagram Stories is crucial if you want to attract users who do not already follow you. If you’re concerned about how your use of geotags and hashtags will look, the text size of both can be decreased or concealed behind other components.

    Brand or product awareness may be increased by using trending hashtags. A geotag associated with the advertised brand makes it simple for consumers to locate their online storefront, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


    Instagram, one of the most widely used social media sites, is great for artists looking to create new partnerships. Instagram is also dynamic, adding new capabilities on a regular basis.

    Instagram Stories is a potent advertising medium because of the variety of features it offers and the room for artistic expression it provides with tools like sophisticated filters and link stickers.

    You can get people more involved than ever before with some clever use of this tool. You can market your product on Instagram and get immediate results in the form of more views, more conversions, and more purchases with the help of Instagram Stories.