How Instagram’s hidden algorithm can help your images go viral?

Everyone, unless they’ve been hiding under a rock, knows about the devastation the Instagram algorithm causes for users’ accounts. Still, how significant is Instagram’s algorithm? When things aren’t going your way on Instagram, it’s simple to point the finger at the algorithm.

The fact is that Instagram’s algorithm is continuously being updated and refined to improve the user experience. Most Instagram algorithm modifications are so subtle that you may not even notice them, but you should still use Instagram best practises to grow your audience.

The inner workings of Instagram’s algorithm in the year 2023

To begin, what exactly is an algorithm? The social media industry appears to use this term frequently, but what does it mean? Simply said, an algorithm is a set of instructions that can be calculated. Instagram’s content discovery algorithm takes into account the user’s activity to decide which posts, Stories, Reels, and videos to show and when. Instagram has revealed the primary criteria they use to choose what to publish and when; nevertheless, the actual algorithm remains a closely guarded secret.

Rules and parameters of Instagram’s feed algorithm

When deciding which posts to prioritise in the Instagram feed, the following criteria are taken into account, according Instagram’s own admission.

The more a user likes, comments, and engages with a given type of post, the more posts of that type they will see in the future. It means the more likes, shares, and comments your post receives, the more people will see it.
The Instagram feed will show you more content from people you follow and interact with more frequently first because of the relationships you have. For the simple reason that they want your feed to be filled with updates from people you care about.
Instagram prioritises showing people content that has received a lot of engagement immediately after it was uploaded. By doing so, Instagram can maintain a more consistent stream of new content.
The feed of any one Instagram user will vary in appearance based on how often the individual checks Instagram. If you just come once each day, you will only view the most popular content. Instagram users who check the app numerous times each day are more likely to see content displayed in reverse chronological order. Equally, Instagram will prioritise showing the most popular posts to someone who only uses the programme for brief bursts.

Instagram’s algorithm and how to get your content seen?

Is it possible to “game” the Instagram algorithm so that more people see your posts and Stories? Not quite. Here are some strategies for making the most of Instagram’s algorithm to boost your engagement and gain more followers. These suggestions aren’t quick fixes, but they will help more people see your posts and Stories.

Time your Instagram posts for peak viewership

A post’s popularity in the first hour after it’s been published is rewarded by the Instagram algorithm by having that post displayed to more users. Instagram’s primary objective is to deliver user-suggested content. Hence, if a certain piece is well-received by your core audience, it stands to reason that a wider audience would appreciate it as well. Use this to your advantage by publishing when your Instagram followers are most likely to be online. When do your fans and followers typically engage with you? To see when your followers are most active, go to Insights > Total Followers. Instagram updates at this time are recommended.

Involve your listeners

Immediately after uploading a photo, video, or carousel to your Instagram feed, you should begin interacting with your audience and the accounts they follow. Timeliness is of the essence, therefore getting to it as quickly as possible increases the likelihood of getting a response. The trick is to make remarks that are worth discussing. Respond to every comment on your post, and show your appreciation by following the accounts that show the most interest in your own. It’s a win-win: you get to meet new people and appease the Instagram gods at the same time!

Join the conversation by using hashtags

Hashtags you use frequently can be tracked, did you know that? It’s a fantastic way to connect with other Instagram users who share your interests, discover new accounts to follow, and make new friends. Learn to make it a habit to search for, and interact with, the most popular accounts that use the hashtags you use most frequently. Here’s how to keep up with the hashtags you care about:

  • Launch Instagram and then select the magnifying glass icon.
  • Click the tag menu and look for a hashtag you frequently employ in your updates.
  • Pick the option to follow. Your feed will now display any posts that include that hashtag.

You should include alternative text when posting online

Instagram users with visual impairments can read a text description of a post in the “Alt Text” section of the post’s settings. In the absence of an accompanying Alt Text, Instagram will generate one based on what it perceives to be the photo’s subject. The “may contain tree, grass, dog, and person” disclaimer is a common example of an Instagram-generated Alt Text. By adding descriptive text to the image’s Alt attribute, you can increase the chances that Instagram will correctly interpret the content of your post. It doesn’t guarantee more comments and likes on your posts, but it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances, either. Follow these steps to create an Alt Text for your post:

  • Make an Instagram post with your desired filters, caption, hashtags, etc.
  • Select Posting > Advanced Settings before you post.
  • Write Alt Text can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of the screen.
  • Generating an Alt Text that perfectly captures the essence of your photo is a must.
  • Just press the finished button.