How IGTV’s Ads Work And Why You Should Care About Your Marketing Plan

Instagram marketing is becoming increasingly important to the online success of businesses. To better compete with established video sharing platforms like YouTube, IGTV has recently implemented a monetization approach. Companies may potentially profit from IGTV videos in two ways: by placing ads next to them, and by using the videos themselves to generate revenue.

Can You Make Money With IGTV?

In a nutshell, Instagram producers may monetize their IGTV video by including short advertisements within it. In order to take use of this feature, users must consent to the Partner Programme Monetization Policies.

Now more than ever, advertising is a crucial part of how most platforms make money to pay their artists. Ads can be shown on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram at various times, including during videos. Ads are something most of us have learned to expect while watching videos online, but you can avoid them entirely by paying for a subscription to services like YouTube or Hulu.

When Will It Be Offered to the Public?

Instagram only recently started experimenting with these features. The most recent development is that IGTV monetization is now available to a small group of producers who have been chosen to take part in a beta test of in-stream adverts on their IGTV films.

The success of these trials will determine how quickly this option becomes available to other creators in the near future. However, much more testing is required before this feature becomes widely available for Instagram business accounts.

In what ways may one come to qualify?

Well, there aren’t any concrete answers yet; that’s the case with many questions connected to this topic. We do know that the Partner Monetization Policies must be followed in order to have advertisements displayed on IGTV videos. These would probably mirror Facebook’s rules. As a result of these regulations, users are obligated to behave in a certain way, including adhering to community standards, posting original material, monetizing genuine engagement, and adhering to payment and page conditions.

Can you tell me how this relates to the monetization of videos on other websites?

Bloomberg claims that IGTV will share the same revenue split with producers that YouTube does (55%). YouTube’s current ad income is around $15 million, whereas Instagram’s standard feed advertisements bring in over $20 billion a year.

More than 25% of Facebook’s overall sales come from that $20 billion. In related news, Facebook now shares 55% of ad income made from videos posted to Facebook Watch with the authors of those films. Some artists have complained that the procedure is cumbersome, since it might take up to two days for the platform to authorise the video to include adverts. By then, most of the video’s views will have already occurred, reducing the video’s potential earnings.

What Role Can IGTV Play In Your Instagram Advertising Plan

Instagram has quickly become the go-to social media tool for brands and industry leaders. In reality, 90% of Instagram users adhere to a business account. More than 200 million people every day check out a company profile. Instagram should be a component of your marketing plan if it is not already.

Once you begin utilising Instagram for business, you may take advantage of it for a variety of reasons, including advertising, sales promotion, and customer service. IGTV is a relatively new feature for uploading and watching lengthier videos on Instagram.

Add to your audience

Instagram is a fantastic platform to increase brand awareness and monetize content creation for commercial purposes. More video makers will probably join IGTV once it begins accepting advertising. You should migrate your company and content to the platform as soon as possible.

Add Some Fresh Material

The video material on IGTV tends to be of a higher quality than that of the feed or stories. One-minute videos are the maximum length for the stream, while 15-second clips are used to tell tales. Long-form material works well on Instagram Live, however it will be deleted after 24 hours.

Investing time and energy into making high-quality IGTV videos may provide a return on investment (ROI) for your business by providing your audience with a more engaging and informative method to see your content over the long term. Coming monetization choices will provide for a new, more direct route to return on investment (ROI) for your company.


You’ll want to reevaluate your Instagram advertising approach in light of this new revenue stream. It’s common knowledge that creating content for IGTV may be a time-consuming endeavour. Incorporating high-quality, longer-form video into your plan is a fantastic move. If you want to focus on producing high-quality material on Instagram, now may be a good time to investigate technologies that can automate some of the more tedious, repetitive chores.