Australia’s Top 20 TikTokers

To say that TikTok is popular now would be an understatement. By collaborating with popular users of the video sharing platform TikTok, companies may gain a new customer base. TikTok has a lot to offer advertisers that are looking to expand their reach beyond Instagram.

It is not necessary to comprehend the secret behind TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame. Making your own TikTok videos isn’t necessary to benefit from an influential user’s viewership for your business. Instead, engage with prominent TikTok producers and harness their fans to build interest in your business.

Key TikTok data aids in developing a business case for employing TikTok as part of your overall strategy. It may be used in conjunction with Instagram influencer activity or as a replacement for traditional marketing channels.

You may only need one recommendation from a popular Australian TikTok user to see a significant increase in sales. Yet, it isn’t always simple to identify the kind of person who might be a good fit for your business. Assessing the top Australian TikTokers can highlight what achievements may be accomplished when you cooperate with the proper talent.

TikTok Celebrity Picks in Australia

To help you choose the right TikTok star to represent your company, we’ve culled data from Meltwater’s Social Influencer Marketing Platform.

Hannah Balanay and Rory Eliza may not be the best match for every company. The Rybka Twins may be an ideal team for your goals, or they may be a disastrous misfit. It is essential to be able to expand your performance analysis beyond Australia’s top TikTok influencers.

How can you figure out which TikTok channels would be the most fruitful for promoting your business? You can use the advice on this list to set the ball rolling.

  • Don’t limit yourself to Australia’s most popular TikTok users. Your brand should be associated with TikTok accounts whose expertise is a good fit for your business.
  • Find TikTokers whose videos get plenty of views and likes. Ensure that their content is actually reaching people.
  • Bear in mind that an Instagram influencer’s impact may not translate as well to TikTok. Everyone, even a vlogger or YouTuber, may have a bad day. Having a large following on one platform doesn’t make you an influencer on another.
  • When opting to collaborate with an influencer on TikTok, take the time to check out the material they’ve produced. Generation Z may be disinterested in videos that were popular with their parents’ generation.
  • It’s important to check each TikTok influencer’s videos to ensure they are appropriate for the workplace.
  • It’s important to find out from your target audience what kinds of videos your favourite TikTok stars should be making. Australia is home to many brilliant minds who have contributed to the fields of humour, fashion, how-tos, business advice, and cooking. The options are unbounded.
  • There are a lot of powerful TikTokers in Australia. The benefits of this are magnified if your firm operates outside of Australia or if you want to extend your operations beyond Australia.

Our recommendation is to investigate which TikTok brand collaborations are producing the most return on investment for influencer marketing. You may accomplish that by checking your engagement rates and your genuine reach ratings. When deciding how much to pay a TikTok influencer for a sponsored post, it’s important to first determine which of their videos are getting the most views and engagement.